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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  March 8, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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members on his way out. >> this administration and this house leadership have said, quote, unquote, they will stop at nothing to pass this health care bill. breaking news out of dallas, texas, where two people were shot at an office building just a short time ago. police say the shoot ir targeted the location. we'll get the late breaking details coming up in a live report. we want to start with president obama. he's back at the white house now after taking his pitch for health care reform on the road to pennsylvania this morning. speaking at arcadia university in glenside, pennsylvania, the president said he's heard all of the criticism out there about his plan. >> now is not the time for reform. it's going to hurt your poll numbers. how is it going to affect democrats in november? don't do it now. my question to them is when is the right time? you had ten years. what happened?
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what were you doing? >> a.b. studdard with the good to see you. >> good to see you, tamron. >> the president pointing out a lot in his speech. a lot of what he had to say is aimed right at democrats. >> absolutely. he needs to stiffen the spine of members of his party in different factions, liberal factions. when they look at the poll numbers and see this continuing to lose support, they could lose their seats in november. this is still a politically dangerous vote for them. the white house has made the case you've already taken the vote. you've voted in the house, you've voted in the senate. you're going to pay no matter what in the fall, better to produce something than to have failed. >> he points that out. it's a political risk but one that must be done. is the president making leeway from what we heard? even calling on the president, the crowd, call your members of
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congress, push them. he's using that bully pulpit. >> it's true. he's in a swing state making a campaign-style appearance on behalf of health care. looks like he's trying to gin up support among members of the public, tamron. at this point not really a year into this. he's speaking on the inside to the members of congress saying, look, we're going to sell this well. we're going to repackage it. we're going to help you. we'll give you air cover. we'll run ads in your district. be with us. be one of the 216, help us cross the finishing line. we'll do what we can. president obama has been speaking about health care for a year. didn't get him anywhere at this point. he's going to speak with members behind bores and get them to come on that way. >> quite honestly, he's been speaking behind doors. we know he met with some democrats on the weekend. interesting on the weekend show, senator mcconnell said this health care reform will be referendum 2010 when folks go to vote. the president keeping that same tone saying why should i take advice from a republicans saying
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this will hurt democrats. what do we make of this what the kids call these days swagger when we know he, the president, is under the gun. >> the president knows, tamron, he absolutely has to get this pass. his entire agenda will grind to a halt unless he passes this. energy reform, financial services regulation, any of this, we can't do it unless we pass health care. everything will just stop. so if you want anything to pass on this agenda, let's move it. he knows as a president, who has promised health care reform, who campaigned on it, he has to produce this or he has none of those other initiatives either. he's making the case that oh, yes, the republicans will try to scare you about this, but he knows that the price is much steeper if they fail to act. >> how worried, real quick, is the white house that they will not be able to get the votes? >> i think they are going to be worried up until the very last minute. these things are always last-minute occasions. they are looking at a target date of the 18th of march, next thursday, ten days away. i think at this point they wouldn't be saying they had the
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votes unless they felt they could dole out the goodies and get them. >> thanks, a.b. 5:00 p.m. eastern time, eric massa of new york will officially resign from congress, this after he admitted to making inappropriate comments to a male staffer at a new year's party. that's prompted an investigation by the house ethics panel, this as the congressman leaves office, he's now accusing the democratic leadership of trying to push him out. here is what he said during a radio interview yesterday. >> mine is now the deciding vote on the health care bill. and this administration and this house leadership have said quote, unquote, they will stop at nothing to pass this health care bill. now they have gotten rid of me and it will pass. >> nbc's luke russert joins us from capitol hill. he was specifically talking about hoyer in these allegations. have we heard any response to the stunning interview from the radio? >> reporter: nothing officially,
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tamron. an aide confirmed this is absolutely ridiculous, really pointing out the fact mr. hoyer did nothing but use his staff to contact mr. massa's staff after it came to light about the probe with the ethics committee and let the ethics committee play out. to see him go on the radio today and almost accuse the majority leader and speconspiracy to getd of him. last week he came out and said he had cancer. that was the reason he wasn't going to use another term. then he admitted to using salty language. then friday, i made a mistake, i'm guilty, i have to pay for it. very apologetic. now on monday, they forced me out. maybe if it was a national story, maybe i could rescind my resignation. eric massa was one of the 39 democrats who voted against health care reform.
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he did it because he said it didn't do enough. he came from the left, part of the single pair, much like dennis kucinich's who said it didn't go left enough. democrats want this done after today. >> another scandal affecting someone within their party. we'll see what he has to say at 5:00 p.m. today, luke. thanks very much. >> take care. toyota on the offensive with a presentation that proves its cars don't have an electrical problem causing that sudden acceleration issue. meantime the company launched a new ad campaign. it is no longer apologizing for its troubles. is it too soon for the hard sell. cnbc's phil lebeau in chicago. phil, i don't want to call it an experiment, it was supposed to be toyota's demonstration. what did we see and learn? >> it's a technical demonstration and taking place at toyota's headquarters in california. essentially what the company is
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doing is taking some of the research, looking at some of the research done by a professor at southern illinois university who claims there may be flaws in the electronics of toyota vehicles. toyota has an outside firm it hired along with a researcher from stanford university look at that research from southern university. according to toyota it's not realistic to get the same results that southern illinois university's professor came up with. so toyota is essentially saying, look, the research accusing us of having flawed electronics, it's not realistic. the conditions that would have to take place are not things you would see in the real world. a number of things would have to happen in a number of steps that are highly unlikely. so from toyota's perspective, this is flawed research. that's what this is all about, trying to get out in front of this idea that toyota has a problem with its electronics. >> what about this new ad campaign, phil. >> not surprising. they were the only automaker that saw sales drop last month.
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toyota figures it has to do something. the good news for toyota, sales did not fall as much as expected. there is a core group of loyal buyers out there who have never had a problem with toyota. they are still going to buy. what toyota wants to do, bring them in and bring other people up there who might be a little skeptical right now. >> what they are doing is not apologizing but presenting people who are satisfied customers there. >> right. >> breaking news out of dallas tech texas. police say a gunman entered an office complex and shot a father and son and turned the gun on himself. charles hadick joins us live. officials say the gunman targeted the building. what do you say about that. >> this may have been a business deal gone bad. a gunman entered the third floor offices of a financial services company in dallas before noon eastern time today. he opened fire on two of the employees who worked there, a father and son. the father is 63.
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he was shot in the neck. the son is 39. he was shot in the leg. they are both expected to survive the shooting. someone inside the building called 911 and hung up. dallas initially responded with a routine 911 call. seconds later a 911 call came in apparently from one of the victims who described what happened. that's when the full service -- full response of the dallas police department responded to the building, locking it down until they could figure out what was going on. when officers entered the third floor hallway, they saw a gunman come out of an office. the gunman raised his gun at police officers. the officers fired back but apparently missed the suspect who then went into the offices and turned the gun on himself. the gunman is listed in very critical condition in a dallas hospital this afternoon. chaos in the building.
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they heard gunfire, saw the police response. customers and bank employees hid out inside the bank's vault until the situation was resolved. tamron. >> all right. charles hadlock live out of dallas. thank you. volunteers from texas equusearch are helping new orleans police find a houston executive while in the city. he never showed up to meet his daughter for his flight friday morning. he was last seen actually leaving a nightclub on bourbon street around 2:00 in the morning. he's a president of a major gas and oil company. he was in new orleans to present a donation to tulane university. police suspect foul play in this one. there's a new lead in the case of a missing california family. the mcstays disappeared leaving behind their dogs and their home was filled with food that was rotting. their car was found near the mexico border february 8th. now police say surveillance video from the same day shows
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people who appear to be the mcstays going hand and hand into mexico through a pedestrian gate. tonight a candlelight vigil will be held for amber dubois. she's the teenager girl whose remains were found more than a year after she disappeared on the way to school. amber was 14 years old when she went missing. the search for amber got a new push last week after the body of chelsea king was discovered. convicted sex offender john gardner was charged in king's death. investigators are looking to see if he might be connected in some way to amber dubois' death. pakistani officials are confirming the man they have had in custody is not the al qaeda member adam gadahn. they are saying their suspect has a similar name. do they know if he's linked to al qaeda. this after confusion this weekend that patrick gadahn is a spokesperson for al qaeda. he's from california.
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he's actually been on the fbi's most wanted list since 2004. a million dollar reward for his capture. it is official homeland security chief janet napolitano announced retired general robert harding is the new nominee leads the transportation security nomination, tsa. general harding is a senior army intelligence officer. the former nominee with drew his name in january when it became clear he would have a difficult time getting confirmed. president obama plans to tackle the final frontier april 15th. the president is going to hold a space summit to talk about the future of the space industry. nbc's tom costello joins us now with a preview. tom, we were talking just last week about nasa and outsourcing trips for astronauts to the international space station. what would happen to the space program. this is interesting news the president is making this big summit here what do we know. >> i think the bottom line is the president's plan is in peril. this is an effort to try to
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bolster his plan. as you said, nasa the direction for nasa as dictated by the administration is to abandon nasa as the carrier of astronauts to the space station and beyond and instead to outsource that to private companies, abandon the constellation program, which nasa spent billions of dollars already developing, which is essentially using technology that nasa mastered to get astronauts to the space station and beyond. abandon that and hand that over to private enterprise. the bottom line, it is facing a chorus of objection from republicans and democrat on the hill who were determined not to allow the president to do this. they are facing in florida in particular, which of course is a key battleground state, a huge outcry from especially the 9,000 people who stand to lose their jobs at the kennedy space center. so this is now boiling over. he's got members of his own party outraged, angry,
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threatening to take him on over this issue of literally shutting down nasa's ability to lift its own astronauts into space on rockets, outsourcing all that. he's going to try to bolster that on april 15th in florida. interesting, he is not going to the space center to make this announcement. he probably would not be greeted very warmly. there is some speculation this may be the beginning of stepping back from this plan. tamron, back to you. >> tom, thank you very much. another story we're following, german police searching for four men who boldly stormed a poker tournament on live tv and ran off with the crash. to london for the live report. plus the cheney legacy. new speculation the former vice president's daughter liz has big plans up her sleeve. two underage students get suspended for drinking at a weekend party. is punishing students for off-campus activity, even things they do over the summer crossing
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welcome back. german police launched a massive manhunt for four men who pulled off a brazen robbery online tv when the poker tournament was playing on television. you can see the players reacting and running when they realized what was going on. nbc's michelle kosinski joins us live from london. michelle, where do they even start this investigation? >> well, they definitely have them all on tape, right? they have pictures of these guys, although they were wearing stocking caps. apparently it's been hard for police to track anything down. on the one hand stunning anyone would attempt this in the way these four armed robbers did. maybe more stunning for two days
2:19 pm
they have been able to get away with it, especially considering this was not exactly the most professionally executed of heists. a plot may be better suited for a cartoon than a hollywood movie. these four armed robbers barge into a five-star hotel in the middle of the afternoon in berlin's main square while this enormous poker tournament was google on. billed as the largest ever in germany. they proceeded to run around yelling, wielding weapons that have been described as guns and machetes. one described what one robber had as a samurai sword. they had to dodge things guards were throwing at them. at one point a guard captured a robber but he was rescued by another robber wielding a piece of furniture. this is all playing out on cam rachlt when you look at the video, you can't believe it. so far they have been able to get away with it. they were carrying bags of money out there worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, a pretty
2:20 pm
big chunk of the million dollar jackpot. >> michelle, it wasn't a casino. you would expect the security would be pretty tight. that's a lot of money and times are hard across the world. what was the security like there? >> yeah, you would, wouldn't you? when you see it on video, you see a lot of people watching in disbelief in the lobby before panic breaks out on the casino floor. one security guard seems to be doing the work throwing things at these guys. it's reported two guards were on break when this happened. maybe they planned it that way. >> michelle, thanks very much. karl rove explains why he did not mind being looked at as the villain in the bush administration. >> bush had a theory. he said better you than me. >> one way to look at it. david paterson personal attorney amid two scandals that
2:21 pm
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all: i did. msnbced the place for to politics and karl rove's memoir hits the shelves, the most controversial political figures of the century. karl rove denied he's a down and dirty campaigner. >> one prominent blogger described the elements of a textbook rovian race fear-based, smear-based and anything goes. >> that's a pretty nasty view of the american voting public. it assumes these people are easily misled, they make a decision to vote for somebody, particularly the president of the united states on mean-spirited, nasty, vicious, despicable reasons. that's not what a campaign is about. i have more respect for the
2:25 pm
american public than that. >> the author of two books on karl rove, the architect and bush's brain. good to have you as always. >> great to be with you, tamron. >> the glimpse we saw with matt's interview with karl rove. is that the karl rove you know? >> it is. to explain things that happen, dirty tricks emerging as political campaigning. the gift he has to elect bush governor and president of the united states. if there's any criticism at all, it's other people's fault. he's innocent, white as the driven snow. that's the karl we all know. >> what do you think motivations with former vice president dick cheney coming out almost two weeks after inauguration and blasting this new administration. he wants to rewrite history here. what is karl rove trying to accomplish, even with the title of his book "courage &
2:26 pm
consequence." >> absolutely. he's doing the same thing. this is about burnishing the bush legacy and by extension karl rove's own legacy. it's essentially a bach that defends things in the bush administration and whenever there was a problem to blame others, kind of ironic for an administration that prides itself on personal responsibility. on the other hand, this is an insider's view, the first intimate insider to offer a full throated defense of bush, yes. it's an opportunity to frame the cannon against critics by saying as many good things about bush and the accomplishments as possible. >> he tries to explain the flyover during hurricane katrina, an excerpt from the book on iraq. the iraq war have occurred without wmd. i doubt it. congress was unlikely to have supported the use of force resolution without the wmd threat. they would have sought other
2:27 pm
ways to deal with saddam hussein, deal with human rights violations. it's interesting it says he would go there. as you point out, he's trying to who us incidents and then explain them. >> in that incident, for example, is explained this way. sure, there was no weapons of mass destruction. we went to war on the pretext it was not exactly true. but his position is had we pushed back harder it probably would have gone better. his line throughout, we should have spun harder. george bush, great man. >> okay. i wish we had more time. he was asked about bush's brain, the nickname he was griffin. he said pretty much at the time the president had his own brain. that was a nickname given him. you think that nickname sticks. >> absolutely. one of the smartest guys i've ever seen in politics. >> we appreciate it. tune in for matt lauer's
2:28 pm
interview. they will talk about iraq, cia leak scandal, hurricane katrina and how those challenges played out in his own personal life. despite attacks more than 60% turn out to vote in iraq's general election. chief foreign correspondent richard engel has the very latest in live reports. and "the hurt locker" slays "avatar." we'll have the hits and misses next in the scoop. >> no other way to describe it. it's the moment of a lifetime. my eyes water. but with new zyrtec® liquid gels, i get allergy relief at liquid speed. that's the fast, powerful relief of zyrtec®, now in a liquid gel. zyrtec® is the fastest 24-hour allergy medicine. it works on my worst symptoms so i'm ready by the time we get to the first hole. and that's good because the competition's steep today. new zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air.™
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welcome back. iraqi officials are counting ballots today. voters turned out in large numbers yesterday despite a series of election day attacks that killed 30 people. correspondent richard engel is in baghdad. from every account it seems they are considering this a success. >> i just came back from the streets, tamron. i was talking to iraquis, having
2:32 pm
dinner with them. people were very optimistic. in fact, much more than i expected. there were quite a few bomb attacks, 36 people killed. despite that, people i spoke to said they were very happy. they felt this could be a potential turning point. they called this election a milestone, a great success. they even said after this they don't think u.s. troops are needed in this country anymore. iraqi officials said there was about a 62% turnout. that is much higher than people expected here. final preliminary results aren't expected until thursday. tamron. >> richard, what can we look for next here, other than the election results themselves, the continued conversation about the withdrawal of our troops out of there. >> you won't hear much of a conversation about the withdrawal from troops. u.s. commander says that decision has been taken. unless there is a catastrophic event, a rapid deterioration of
2:33 pm
security here that the drawdown of troops is going forward with all combat forces out by the end of august and the rest of the troops following them by the end of 2011. instead what you're going to hear is a very tense political debate in this country as iraqi politicians get together, go through the results and try and put together a new government. that has the potential to be a very volatile period and could last several months. >> richard engel live in baghdad. thanks, richard. defense secretary robert gates is visiting afghanistan right now for the first time since the troop surge started last year in a press conference with afghan president hamid karzai gates said the offensive in marjah is encouraging but warned against overconfidence saying there's still hard fighting ahead. new york's governor david paterson is trying to keep to business as usual despite numerous calls for him to resign. in fact, this morning in brooklyn he held a town hall meeting on the budget where new yorkers pressed him on the state's money troubles instead
2:34 pm
of his political problems. in recent days the governor has said he's determined to finish his term. fred dicker via skype joins us. thanks for being with us. many are wondering if he can be like mark sanford. calls to resign from his own party. he's still the governor of his state. could we see the paterson strategy of staying strong and sticking in there will work. >> it's certainly possible. he got good news with a poll showing 55% of new yorkers think he should hang in there. 71% said the legislature should not impeach the governor. his strategy of trying to make it look like business as ush, coming back to the capital today, he's due in a few minutes may be working. really, there's nothing that can force him out except a criminal indictment. that's not coming out. perhaps a report from the attorney general andrew cuomo. that's week away. impeachment a possibility but there's no indication that's
2:35 pm
about to happen. >> what do you make of the town hall meeting. he was there to talk about the budget. that's what people wanted to hear from him and not the political scandal. >> it was a stunt by the governor. there was no reason to hold a town hall meeting in brooklyn. if he was concerned about it he would be in albany meeting with legislative leaders to go over the budget. it and to be an act to give him a sense of normalcy he's relating to the public. in terms of advancing state budget or doing what he was supposed to be doing, it was purely a stunt. attorney general investigated whether the governor and staff and security detail illegally contacted that woman who accused paterson of that domestic violence case. where do these investigations -- despite the fact he's trying to act business as usual, where do these investigations stand now. >> they are going on aggressively. we don't expect to be hearing from attorney general cuomo for two and a half, three weeks. between now and then, governor paterson probably can hang in
2:36 pm
there. if there's no bombshell finding from the attorney general, he might be able to last out his term. >> all right. very interesting. thank you, fred. greatly appreciate it. >> thank you. later today, police in georgia will hold a news conference about the sexual complaint against pittsburgh steelers quarterback ben roethlisberger. a woman claim the nfl star star attacked her in a woman's bathroom in a nightclub. he has not been charged. pro football talk reports he has hired garland to defend him. he defended ray lewis who was accused of murder. the night everyone was talking about, the many highs and lows of the oscars. courtney hazlett is recovering in los angeles. she was following the oscars all night long. we're getting our scoop from brian, editor of pop goes the >> we have a lot to cover. when you have a lot to say and not a lot of time to cover it,
2:37 pm
just like the oscars themselves. i think co-hosts steve martin and alec baldwin did a great job but it was too long. >> the incredible entrance they had. look at those stairs. that's a gown wearer's nightmare. steve and al came out, a great opening run. they did a lot of pointed jokes at george clooney, because he was stone faced during the whole thing. there he's smiling. a lot of buzz whether he was seriously not amused or playing along. one irish newspaper called him mr. grumpy. if you look on the web there's a lot of debate whether he's a good sport or not. you always look at the cutaways to see how they are reacting. one of the biggest wins was sandra bullock. she's not sondra, she's sandra, even if she won an oscar. she had long been saying she would not win this oscar. just the day before won a razzie award, one for the worst
2:38 pm
performance in a film earlier "all about steve." she offered, i will read every line in this script if you tell me how to do it differently. it was justice for her. >> feel good. >> look at jesse james beaming with proud. a shoutout to him. gabourey sidibe had a miss. everyone has people come out and speak she's got oprah. oprah comes out and says you're a true american cinderella. some say not winning was the best thing because she'll get more buzz. i know you want to talk about what was discussed as the kanye moment. >> who knew short firm documentary would get the kanye moment. the director of the film got up to the stage to thank everyone for the academy award.
2:39 pm
and one of the producers kind of ambushed said she was blocked by the mother, basically interrupted him said i need to talk, let the woman talk. >> she was not supposed to go up there. thank you for the time. lil wayne been sentenced to a year in jail, just came in. pled guilty new york city gun case. right now what is the most successful rapper out there heading to the big house. >> out in six months. >> see if he can make music in there. >> lot of times to write. >> good to have you on. liz cheney, a tireless defender of her father, former vp dick cheney. now is the former vice president's daughter eyeing a political career? we'll talk with new york magazine's joe hagan about the possibility. a convicted sex offender moves right across the street from an elementary school. there's nothing police can do about it. we're talking about that next. this time, i'm watching fees like a hawk.
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welcome back now to a story that seems impossible to believe these days. a convicted sex offender in california is breaking the law by living in a home across the street from an elementary school. apparently there's nothing police can do about it. wildwood elementary is located as you see there near piedmont. the sex offender's address is 256 wildwood avenue, right across from the school. investigative crime reporter michelle seg onna joins us live from washington. people would hear this and see the school is right across from the address. i thought sex offenders could not be near a school or places where children gather. is that not the case. >> it is the case. it gets tricky. i'm google to try to explain this to the best of my ability. i just got off the phone with the district attorney's office. how this stands, jessica's law varies state by state throughout the nation. in california a registered sex offender cannot live within 2,000 feet of a school.
2:44 pm
but that law, jessica's law, the way the law stands is that it is not -- there's not a punishment attached to it, which means it's a challenge to enforce for the local police departments throughout the areas. having said that, some of the challenges are pending throughout federal court that may help to clarify this law. as it stands right now they cannot go in and arrest him. his name is james donley or make him move. i did speak with the captain of the local police department. what he told me, he does not plan to stay in the area. he plans to live there the next 60 days. at the time it was the best place to land to get on his feet. >> that sounds insane. you have a rule that says sex offenders cannot live within 2,000 feet from a school but there's no punishment for breaking that law. why have it? and who would be responsible for this? this is insane. >> you're exactly right.
2:45 pm
and the district attorney's office along with the local police departments, everyone is sort of moving forward throughout the state of california to try to figure out how to clarify this and how to be able to enforce it and how it stands. again, there has to be a punishment attached to this law basically stating that, okay, if a sex offender moves within this particular range that they can be arrested. the only way donley can be arrested if he's in violation of his federal probation. he was convicted under a federal statute and not a state statute. to me understanding, whether it's federal or state, this particular portion cannot be enforced until it is changed or modified. >> unbelievable. investigator crime reporter, thank you very much, michelle. >> absolutely. a radio in houston is under scrutiny after a bull managed to break free. two people injured. look at the video that captures the animal on the run. it ran through a crowded area
2:46 pm
before employees and security personnel were able to catch it. a radio official said the bull charged the gate and pen failed. the bull got into an empty parking lot. two people hurt, recovering well. imagine that. it's pretty scary. back to politics. dick cheney's eldest daughter has not been shy about defending her father's record and legacy after leaving office. the father and daughter rallied thousands at the political action campaign in washington, d.c. they are renewing speculations about her political future. joe hagan has written about liz cheney's political future. thanks for joining me. >> thanks for having me. >> that moment at c pac, people went crazy when she called her dad onto the stage. that was planned? >> right. it was a whole orchestrated event liz put together. it was something of a passing of the torch moment they had meant to come off that way.
2:47 pm
all of liz cheney's aides and helpers described it this way to me. it was meant to be this way. you could clearly see how enthusiastic people were for him and he was transferring that enthusiasm to his daughter, saying it's the next generation we should be interested in. >> has she been direct in answering the question of whether or not she wants to run? >> she hasn't but she's made it all but clear. her political action group, keep america safe, is very much sort of a testing ground for her political viability. her aides are former campaign aides. she's testing the message that represents what her family is all about, national security issues and her father has said he would like her to run. she has said she polite do it. >> she can run in virginia or wyoming. >> she's not a registered voter in wyoming. so virginia would be more reasonable. >> it's a small group but
2:48 pm
divisive. rush limbaugh likes her but others in the conservative party slammed her about this ad taking on attorneys who defend terrorists. >> seems that ad was overreaching the limits of her style. she speaks to the base as you saw in that video. but i think that she's going to have to be careful because if they want to -- if she ever wants to attract independence or any kind of center in any kind of election, she's going to have to soften it. >> from what you know, is she cut from the same cloth as her dad. >> very much so. she's more aggressive than him. more hawkish than he is. >> interesting. a fascinating article. wee see what happens with her. very interesting woman. thank you, joe. great pleasure having you on with us. a school spends two 15 years old student for drinking off campus at a party. the key part, off campus, weekend party. fair penalty or crossing the line? we'll talk with a lawyer suing on behalf of the school
2:49 pm
district. he even brings up the constitution in this battle. we'll talk with him live. [ female announcer ] sometimes you need tomorrow to finish what you started today. for the aches and sleeplessness in between, there's new motrin pm. no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. new motrin pm. allstate agents have to. they're only human. but don't worry. the good hands are always available, day and night, by phone and online. good night. take care. ♪
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welcome back. there's a lot going on today here. just one thing we thought you should know today, it's a good one. sarah palin is using god to explain why she was reading notes written on her hand during that tea party convention last month. she now says god did it, too. a supporter even sent her roof from the bible, a passage in the book of isaiah reads, see, i have engraved you on the palms of my hand. your walls are ever before me. >> if it was good enough for god on the palm of his hand, it's good enough for me, for us. he said -- in that passage she said, i wrote your name on the palm of my hand to remember you. i'm like, okay, i'm in good company. >> palin made the remarks at the
2:53 pm
right to life fund-raiser in ohio friday. it's something we thought you should know. so many sent tweets and opinions saying you went to the book of isaiah and did not see that reference. i don't know what to say after that. crossing the line? you tell me. a lawyer representing two stun accused of underaged drinking on a weekend off campus said the school board is acting like a vigilante school of justice. in new jersey. they suspended the girls from sports, required them to do community service and undergo alcohol and drug counseling. but are schools districts crossing the line when they punish stun for actions not on campus, for that matter not on a school day. the attorney representing the parents of the two students in the school district. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me, tamron. >> we've seen this across the country, with so many concerns
2:54 pm
about behaviors for students, meshes behavior at home and at school. you bring up the constitution. why the constitution? >> well, the requirement in new jersey for schools to exercise discipline over students away from campus is that the conduct that the school is trying to regulate must have a material and substantial connection to school safety and discipline. in other words, it has to affect the school in some way. in this case the weekend drinking has no bearing on the school safety or discipline. there's a separate policy the school has for in-school drinking or drug use. where the rights of the school to regulate the conduct of students off campus and the case law is specific that parents
2:55 pm
have a fundamental right to raise children as they see fit without undue interference by the government. in this case the students who are affected by the policy have already been placed in the juvenile justice system. they are already being disciplined by their parents. the school is piling on by creating a system of justice within the school which finds students in violation merely based on the fact they have been arrested or charged with an alcohol-related offense. and the punishments -- >> matthew, let me ask you. the school has refused to comment on this. do you think your case may affect school districts across the country who are doing the same thing, if you win this one? >> well, if any school is going outside of their authorities and
2:56 pm
regulating students, they ought to stop. there's been a recent series of cases in the third circuit, our federal judicial appellate district dealing with internet activity of students, where they post things about this administrators. and the way the third circuit has ruled on that under the first amendment, if it has no affect on school safety and discipline, it's an infringement on the first amendment. >> matthew an interesting debate. we'll see how it shakes out in court. thank you for joining me. we'll ask the audience, does it cross the line. you heard matthew make his case. you tell me. are school districts crossing the line when they punish students for what they do on the weekend or the summertime. or tweet the response, that wraps up this hour. i'm tamron hall. thank you for joining us this weekday. joining me at 11:00 and 2:00
2:57 pm
p.m. david, what do you have? >> tamron, congressman massa is supposed to resign at 5:00 p.m. today. there's some kapgss he will change his mind. we'll go through that and the white house it's causing at the white house. also looking at the speech on health care reform. the president went hard against the insurance company. some of the hardest rhetoric we've heard from the president to date. all that after this. [ male announcer ] where are people with moderate to severe
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